Remote Concrete Services

remote concrete services

Concrete Solutions for Canada’s North

Our remote concrete service division specializes in isolated areas in Canada’s north. Specifically tailored concrete supply and pumping services for rural and remote regions, ensuring that even the most isolated communities have access to reliable concrete solutions. Our team is comprised of engineers and operators experienced working in remote regions across Canada. We use volumetric concrete trucks as mobile batch plants due to their flexibility and lower environmental footprint.

Local Concrete Truck

Benefits of local concrete

Lower mobilization and operating cost

Setup is crane-free, smaller operating crew onsite reducing crew transport and camp costs.

Custom Mixes

We provide custom ready mix concrete mixes tailored to suit any project. We can also use aggregate from local pits reducing transportation costs.

Access Load Restricted Roads

Our services offer accessibility to load-restricted roads.

Small Site Footprint

With no fixed batch plant we have a small flexible onsite footprint to meet the needs of any site.

Custom Tailored solutions

Remote Concrete Services

Our concrete and pumping services provide versatile options for any projects needs. Whether it’s track, truck, or trailer mounted pumps, we have the equipment to accommodate different site conditions and accessibility requirements. Additionally, our fleet includes rough terrain access trucks, enabling us to navigate challenging terrains and reach remote locations with ease. For projects demanding flexibility and maneuverability our people and equipment have to solution, ensuring efficient concrete placement even in the most demanding environments.

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